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Switching teams

It is official. I am switching teams! I am now batting for the ladies! Seriously, I wish it was as easy as picking up a new jersey and picking out a cute team name, but unfortunately, I am wired with … Continue reading

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My mother’s dating life

Does anyone find it odd that my mother created an online dating profile for her 33-year-old daughter? Maybe it is just me. I hope she isn’t interacting with men pretending to be me. I expressed to her that I wish … Continue reading

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Anti-Valentine’s Day?

People usually take the stance to either love Valentine’s Day or swear it off completely. It is no surprise that this usually is in direct correlation to a person’s relationship status. This conspiracy holiday created by greeting card companies, flower … Continue reading

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Where will you be in 5 years?

Everyone dreads the first job interview after college when the interviewer looks you in the eye and asks you where you want to be in 5 years. I still remember my answer to this question that, surprisingly enough, landed me … Continue reading

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Hearts heal

Heartache … It happens to us all at one time or another in our lives. You know the feeling … the walls feel like they are caving in, your lungs can’t seem to get enough air … You will get … Continue reading

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Zombie weddings

Are you looking for a unique theme for an upcoming wedding? Your search is over! If death is the end of life, then how do you explain marriage? There is way too much emphasis on getting married. Considering that more … Continue reading

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The irony of marriage in the South

Why is there such an emphasis on marrying young in the Bible Belt? I find it highly amusing that everyone in the South assumes that there is something wrong with a person if she chooses not to marry before the … Continue reading

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