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I want sleep

Life is really not worth living if you go through it feeling like a zombie all day of every day. I am tired of being exhausted. Please, please, please … will someone let me sleep???

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My brain quit working

I am not sure when it happened exactly, but it appears that my brain quit working … My theory is that my brain is exhausted and it desperately needs sleep. How do I make this happen? I am tired of … Continue reading

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Insomnia sucks

I often dream of the day when I climb into bed and instantly fall to sleep. Unfortunately, being the insomniac that I am, the only time this happens is after I have taken numerous sleeping pills, Benadryl, melatonin or downed … Continue reading

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They are back!

Most people have experienced the nightmares where they think they are awake, but they go to move and find all body movement is frozen. They go to speak and their voice is gone. They try to breathe and feel like … Continue reading

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Only 4 months

I am really trying to have a positive outlook about next semester, but I have a new layer of  complexity that has been added to the picture. In addition to working 3 shifts a week at my job from 2:30 … Continue reading

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Did I forget your order?

I would gladly wipe dirty butts and watch people bleed out of their eyeballs if it meant that I would never have to set foot in another restaurant where I am the waitress.

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I saw myself sleeping

I never take naps, but I could not help myself Friday afternoon. After working 3 to 11 p.m. Thursday followed by 8 a.m. classes on Friday, I knew I needed a nap before I tried to pull another shift at work. I closed … Continue reading

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