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Really?? Bath salts?

Can someone explain who thought it was a good idea to eat bath salts? Actually, I will be honest, I am not sure how bath salts are consumed. Do you smoke it, snort it, shoot it up? Who really knows? … Continue reading

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I am fairly certain that an alien spacecraft abducted me within the last month and carried me off to a distant planet. Being that I am not a fascinating specimen from the planet Earth, they decided to return me without … Continue reading

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Group projects suck!

Let me just tell you … I hate group projects with a passion. The hatred extends from every nerve fiber in my body. It doesn’t matter whether I hand pick the group members or I am assigned to work with … Continue reading

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Above the federal poverty level

People living below the federal poverty level are eligible for many government services to supplement their income, but what about me who surpassed the line by only $1,000 per year? Yeah, that’s right … I am poor!

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Loving the laziness

I think it is safe to say that I am thoroughly enjoying my break from school. In fact, I find myself dreading work today for the first time in months. It is amusing considering that without school, I am only … Continue reading

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An inferior race

I often wonder why humans continue on a downward spiral towards stupidity and laziness. I have a new theory on why this is happening. Setting the scene … Advances in technology and medicine are making humans live longer at diminished levels of … Continue reading

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Economic crisis solved

I have taken it upon myself to try and solve all the financial problems of this country. You will find that some of the solutions I have come up with are quite simple. Hit yourself in the head 14 times for not thinking … Continue reading

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