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Human in training

What exactly is the proper classification for children? Are they creatures? Monsters? What would you call these miniature little people if they are not quite human? Most of the time these impressionable young minds are innocent and free from life’s … Continue reading

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Welcome to old age

It is official … I am OLD!  I completed 3 glorious decades and now have crossed over into the mid-thirties. That’s right, folks, I am the big 3-4. Back then … In my teen years, I fantasized about what my … Continue reading

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Is 30 the new 20?

I am pretty sure that I missed the memo, but I have fallen trap to the same sludge that creeps into the systems of every 30-something year olds. It is like time froze at 16, and no one updated their … Continue reading

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Why did I torture myself?

When I first decided to go back to school 3 years ago, I was served a platter full of emotions … fear, nervousness, excitement, anticipation. Everyone told me that going back to school would be just what I needed to … Continue reading

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I just feel like being happy

Could it be the awesome warm weather or the vibrant colors starting to transform nature? Or, maybe it is my fantasies I keep having about fresh fruit and vegetables from the farmer’s market in only a couple months. Yay! I … Continue reading

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Brainwashed by fairy tales

As children, we are spoon fed fairy tales. This world of fantasy and make-believe becomes our reality as we listen closely waiting to find out what happens to the lady in distress.

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The identity crisis

I love to overanalyze anything and everything … A simple statement can become the focus of my attention for hours on end. I find it both fascinating and crippling that I am able to look at the most straightforward topic … Continue reading

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