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The horrible truth

Run for your lives … humans are EVIL!

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Falling for the Doctor

Not the medical kind of guy … As a nurse, you would automatically assume that I am talking about a medical doctor, but NOOOO. My friends ambushed me with “Doctor Who” when I visited Chicago last month. And, Yes, I … Continue reading

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Welcome to old age

It is official … I am OLD!  I completed 3 glorious decades and now have crossed over into the mid-thirties. That’s right, folks, I am the big 3-4. Back then … In my teen years, I fantasized about what my … Continue reading

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The answer is in the cards

What is the fascination with horoscopes, psychics, Tarot, and other foretellings of the future? Human beings have always had a deep fascination with the future since the beginning of time. The idea of seeing the future before it happens is … Continue reading

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Without words

I recently had an experience that was so intense that I am unable to describe it in words. Words could never give the experience … visually or spiritually … the justice that it deserves.

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Brainwashed by fairy tales

As children, we are spoon fed fairy tales. This world of fantasy and make-believe becomes our reality as we listen closely waiting to find out what happens to the lady in distress.

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Alternate careers?

As I sat in the OR waiting for my shift to end, I tried to picture what my life would look like in 10 years. Would I be a nurse coming home to a husband and kids? Would I be … Continue reading

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