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Falling for the Doctor

Not the medical kind of guy … As a nurse, you would automatically assume that I am talking about a medical doctor, but NOOOO. My friends ambushed me with “Doctor Who” when I visited Chicago last month. And, Yes, I … Continue reading

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Incomplete thoughts and statements

Here are the last few days without power and the random thoughts of the week in no particular order … Being without power, technology and communication … kind of nice. Having the power restored after 5 days … totally forgot … Continue reading

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Today I mourn

I am in mourning. Maybe I should wear all black today … Today marks the last day for 4 months that I have without school or work. Today is the end of ME time … the end of FREE time … the … Continue reading

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Get your ringside seat

If I wanted to be on the Jerry Spring show, I would call up his producers and make up some ridiculous story about how my baby’s daddy is sleeping with my sister’s husband who is a midget with one eye. … Continue reading

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The scent of death

Death is inevitable. It is the natural termination of life. I completely understand the purpose behind death and the reasons why our lives must always come to an abrupt end. However, I am at a loss for words when it … Continue reading

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Snow over Alabama

The cloudy sky threatens rain, but instead it brings a new surprise … snow. Tiny white flakes fill the afternoon sky. The thermometer reads 37 degrees, but the temperature is dropping fast. Will any of this snow stay to play?

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Did I forget your order?

I would gladly wipe dirty butts and watch people bleed out of their eyeballs if it meant that I would never have to set foot in another restaurant where I am the waitress.

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