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Built for a zombie attack

Doesn’t this make you love Toyota Corollas even more? Ha! See … I knew this was the car for me!

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Meet Mystic Zombie

It is time to change the mood on this blog from the last entry. What was I thinking? Ha! I can look in the mirror again. It is okay, people. I just wrecked my stupid car and wasted a lot … Continue reading

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Today I mourn

I am in mourning. Maybe I should wear all black today … Today marks the last day for 4 months that I have without school or work. Today is the end of ME time … the end of FREE time … the … Continue reading

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My zombie car

My car finally has a new name … I am naming my car after a rheumatoid arthritis medication. Yes, I realize this is a bit weird, but look at who you are dealing with here. Let my little red car … Continue reading

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