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Zombie Walk 2012

Hello Huntsville! Celebrate Halloween by dressing up like a zombie and parading around with like-minded peeps. It is for a good cause!

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Help me brainstorm …

I am brainstorming short movie ideas! I started combing the web and searching through the deep dark depths of my mind to come up with creative plots for easy to produce low-budget films. However, I thought that I would extend … Continue reading

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Censored …

You will not see my zombie movie. I was asked not to showcase it on my blog out of sensitivity for my nephews. Apparently, my blog is “too mature.” Do not fear! I have discussed with several friends, family, and … Continue reading

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Return to the darkside

After a long hiatus, I have decided that it is time to resume my film making career … Your beloved insomniac will make her exciting return to the movie industry with her first ever zombie movie, “Aunt Zombie.” Aunt Zombie … Continue reading

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Zombie Twister … good or bad idea?

Remember … if you are a zombie and have loose body parts that could fall off with aggressive movement, it is probably not a good idea to engage in a friendly game of Twister with your pals.

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Built for a zombie attack

Doesn’t this make you love Toyota Corollas even more? Ha! See … I knew this was the car for me!

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Meet Mystic Zombie

It is time to change the mood on this blog from the last entry. What was I thinking? Ha! I can look in the mirror again. It is okay, people. I just wrecked my stupid car and wasted a lot … Continue reading

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