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Confessions of a Slacker

Is it time to update the name of my blog to reflect the real ME? Meet Jennifer … insomniac AND slacker. Jennifer often forgets that she has a blog. She would love to blame it on insomnia, but the real … Continue reading

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Falling for the Doctor

Not the medical kind of guy … As a nurse, you would automatically assume that I am talking about a medical doctor, but NOOOO. My friends ambushed me with “Doctor Who” when I visited Chicago last month. And, Yes, I … Continue reading

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Welcome to old age

It is official … I am OLD!  I completed 3 glorious decades and now have crossed over into the mid-thirties. That’s right, folks, I am the big 3-4. Back then … In my teen years, I fantasized about what my … Continue reading

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Decisions, decisions, decisions

Life is full of decisions … life altering decisions. What makes us choose one choice over another? Do we think with our heart or our brains? And, if both are not involved, do we regret the result in the end? … Continue reading

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Turn the page

Life is throwing a lot of curve balls these days for the people in my life I love and care about. I hope together that we can all learn to become better people in hardship rather than let our ship … Continue reading

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Lost in the move

I recently moved into a new place. Moving always leads me to inventory my life … and, not just my material possessions. It forces me to look at the things in my life that are important to me and all … Continue reading

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Remembering those who passed

As I was driving home from a friend’s house last night, I decided to take the road less traveled back to my apartment. I usually avoid this street altogether because it brings back frightening memories from my youth, but somehow … Continue reading

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