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Confessions of a Slacker

Is it time to update the name of my blog to reflect the real ME? Meet Jennifer … insomniac AND slacker. Jennifer often forgets that she has a blog. She would love to blame it on insomnia, but the real … Continue reading

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Help me brainstorm …

I am brainstorming short movie ideas! I started combing the web and searching through the deep dark depths of my mind to come up with creative plots for easy to produce low-budget films. However, I thought that I would extend … Continue reading

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Scholarly to trashy

Since elevating my status in the working world, I developed an inverse relationship with my reading material. I always had a taste for trashy cinema, but I tended to have a more scholarly flavor in books. In the last 2 … Continue reading

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4 years already?

It is hard to believe that I started Confessions of an Insomniac 4 years ago in July 2007. I was working for a newspaper company at the time (yes, back in my journalism days). Since the web was replacing print … Continue reading

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The pursuit of happiness

Ever since the beginning of time, humans have searched for what brings them “happiness.” Each person is unique with different desires and needs. What makes one person happy may not even enter into the equation of another person’s happiness. Why … Continue reading

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Just a stupid zombie poem

This is not a real example of my poetry. If it was, I would never post it here. This is just to be silly and a chance to pay respect to zombies and the horrible existence that they endure.

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Slacker blogging

I think everyone quit reading my blog a year ago when I quit updating as frequently. I wish I had more time to create entertaining reading material for the select few loyal readers that remain. My blog is a weird … Continue reading

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