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Stupid, stupid LIARS

  Why do people lie? What is the point in constructing elaborate stories to cover up truth? People claim to have many reasons for lying. Some lies are harmless while others can destroy families. Excuses can include shame, guilt, fear, vanity, greed, etc. … Continue reading

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So sick …

Let me die … Have you ever been so sick that you actually felt life would be more bearable in death? You think I am being a drama queen? Ha! Maybe just a little, but I am seriously experiencing some … Continue reading

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Zombie Twister … good or bad idea?

Remember … if you are a zombie and have loose body parts that could fall off with aggressive movement, it is probably not a good idea to engage in a friendly game of Twister with your pals.

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Behind the mask

Ashamed, regretful, mortified, embarrassed …  I can’t think of enough words to describe a recent event in my life. And, sadly, it is so horrific that I am forbidden to speak about it in any clear terms. Don’t worry … … Continue reading

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Really?? Bath salts?

Can someone explain who thought it was a good idea to eat bath salts? Actually, I will be honest, I am not sure how bath salts are consumed. Do you smoke it, snort it, shoot it up? Who really knows? … Continue reading

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Scholarly to trashy

Since elevating my status in the working world, I developed an inverse relationship with my reading material. I always had a taste for trashy cinema, but I tended to have a more scholarly flavor in books. In the last 2 … Continue reading

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Drunk blogging?

Everyone has heard of drunk dialing or drunk texting, but I think I take it to a new level with drunk blogging. That’s right … on more than one occasion, I have had to remove posts based on the pure … Continue reading

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