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Scholarly to trashy

Since elevating my status in the working world, I developed an inverse relationship with my reading material. I always had a taste for trashy cinema, but I tended to have a more scholarly flavor in books. In the last 2 … Continue reading

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4 years already?

It is hard to believe that I started Confessions of an Insomniac 4 years ago in July 2007. I was working for a newspaper company at the time (yes, back in my journalism days). Since the web was replacing print … Continue reading

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The joy of reading

I started reading again for pleasure. It feels awesome. I am almost finished with “Breathers: The Zombie’s Lament.” What an interesting concept … S. G. Browne creates a unique look at the life of a zombie through the first person … Continue reading

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Hope for the Flowers

I have a book recommendation for you … “Hope for the Flowers” by Trina Paulus Life is not black and white. There is a little yellow in all of us … Life is not simple enough to be drawn under … Continue reading

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Time to relax

Relax? Until recently, “relax” has always been synonymous for “lazy” in my mind. I have always preferred to spend my time more constructively. I would try to relax, but I would find at least 500 things that have to be … Continue reading

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I settled on stupidity

The sick music obsession shows its ugly head … I remember the day clearly, because it changed my life forever. Almost two years ago to this day, I spent $300 I didn’t have on an iPod. It was beautiful. I … Continue reading

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I’m in love

He is not the smartest or the strongest. He is not the dumbest or the weakest. He is average on all standards. He has red hair framing a face decorated with freckles. He is probably the clumsiest man alive, but … Continue reading

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