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Who am I?

Imagine waking up in a hospital room full of strangers with all sorts of tubes sticking out of you in various places. Would you be frightened? Would you be okay once you remembered how you got in this predicament in … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Slacker

Is it time to update the name of my blog to reflect the real ME? Meet Jennifer … insomniac AND slacker. Jennifer often forgets that she has a blog. She would love to blame it on insomnia, but the real … Continue reading

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The horrible truth

Run for your lives … humans are EVIL!

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Random, random, random

And now for something completely wrong …

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My disappearance

I took a hiatus from blogging for a few months to hopefully detract the attention of a few unwanted readers. It is time to see if it worked. I missed my blog and would love to begin venting and sharing … Continue reading

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My soap box

Why do people like to regurgitate their lives to the public through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs such as this, etc.? I often ask myself what sort of thrill I get out of airing my dirty laundry to the world? Why … Continue reading

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Zombie Twister … good or bad idea?

Remember … if you are a zombie and have loose body parts that could fall off with aggressive movement, it is probably not a good idea to engage in a friendly game of Twister with your pals.

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