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The brain drain

Who sucked the life out of me? After a long day with people, my brain turns to mush … I am completely zapped of energy. It always amuses me when I hear another person say that she is energized by … Continue reading

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Awkward moments

Sometimes having a camera around is a very bad idea …

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People watching is my game

Keep your eyes and ears open, because you never know what you will find. People are strange.I can watch them for hours. It is hard for me to go to busy locations, because I find myself lost in the eye … Continue reading

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Can people change?

Humans evolve daily … We grow and learn from each and every experience and person we encounter, but what I wonder is can people change who they are fundamentally just because they are aware of a change that needs to … Continue reading

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Magic sweat

I sweat more than most girls. In fact, I would be willing to bet that I sweat more than most men. Sexy? I like to think so. I always loved a man who could work up a nice sweat, so … Continue reading

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Simplicity … Why does this word even exist in the English language? My experience is that anything worth having is far from simple. Even the most mundane task has some level of complexity.

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Check your luggage and your drool

During my recent travels to North Carolina, I caught myself snoozing on my flight. I rudely claimed the last available aisle seat and slept the entire flight. In fact, my eyes were closed before I hit my seat. I am … Continue reading

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