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Return to the darkside

After a long hiatus, I have decided that it is time to resume my film making career … Your beloved insomniac will make her exciting return to the movie industry with her first ever zombie movie, “Aunt Zombie.” Aunt Zombie … Continue reading

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Best Halloween film ever

In celebration of Halloween (yes, a little early), I am re-posting a link to the best Halloween short film ever! I want to share with the unfortunate souls that missed it the first time around. This is an awesome concept … Continue reading

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Life is strange

I am an impulsive dreamer … The minute I create a goal I go after it with 100% drive and determination. As a result, I get burned out quickly and my interest fades away in the distance altering the original … Continue reading

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I love you wildflower

I am not sure why this makes me giggle so much every time I see it. I definitely need to get back into making dumb movies. Maybe this can be inspiration for my next one. Anyone interested in helping me … Continue reading

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Reviews of bad cinema?

I was thinking about adding a new feature to my blog that might actually encourage me to write on it more often. Would anyone actually read a weekly review on a bad B movie? I love to watch movies of … Continue reading

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Why I love Troma

Since my brain does not come with an off switch, I have found a close alternative. It is called Troma! What makes them different from mainstream horror? Troma Entertainment is a low-budget, independent film production company specializing in making bad … Continue reading

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I believe in unicorns

Intelligence leads to unhappiness … As we age, we gain more knowledge and wisdom. This intelligence blocks our ability to enjoy life. It interferes with our creativity, our dreams, our fantasies … The more we fill our heads with facts … Continue reading

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