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Help me brainstorm …

I am brainstorming short movie ideas! I started combing the web and searching through the deep dark depths of my mind to come up with creative plots for easy to produce low-budget films. However, I thought that I would extend … Continue reading

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Censored …

You will not see my zombie movie. I was asked not to showcase it on my blog out of sensitivity for my nephews. Apparently, my blog is “too mature.” Do not fear! I have discussed with several friends, family, and … Continue reading

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Return to the darkside

After a long hiatus, I have decided that it is time to resume my film making career … Your beloved insomniac will make her exciting return to the movie industry with her first ever zombie movie, “Aunt Zombie.” Aunt Zombie … Continue reading

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Best Halloween film ever

In celebration of Halloween (yes, a little early), I am re-posting a link to the best Halloween short film ever! I want to share with the unfortunate souls that missed it the first time around. This is an awesome concept … Continue reading

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Choose your own adventure

Do you remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books you read as a kid? Well, building on that same concept, “Zombie Fear” allows you to decide your own fate by taking you through a series of interactive videos. All you … Continue reading

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What is it about zombies?

Zombies are making a big splash in the entertainment business. From books and movies to action figures and video games … zombies are everywhere … but why? What is it about zombies that makes them so fascinating to people? I … Continue reading

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Gay zombie

This may not be the most politically correct zombie short, but it is silly enough to make you smile no matter which way you swing …

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