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Kick my butt, please

My laziness disturbs me, so I decided to pay someone to return me to my former self … the exercise fanatic. I now have a personal trainer to put some variety back into my life. Mixing up my workouts will … Continue reading

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Tip #42 for gym goers

Always check the contents of your gym bag before jumping in the shower. Make sure you have your towel and underwear. Everything else can wait, but these items are necessary if you are planning to go straight to work after … Continue reading

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Our country’s middle name: fat and sick

I just went off in a rant on Facebook, and I am going to get myself in trouble. I decided this is a safer medium since it is not attached to my name. My blog is all about me … no … Continue reading

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Healthy addiction?

The best part of the workout is the end … For some people, this statement probably holds true. For me, it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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Magic sweat

I sweat more than most girls. In fact, I would be willing to bet that I sweat more than most men. Sexy? I like to think so. I always loved a man who could work up a nice sweat, so … Continue reading

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My gym scandal

Day after day, I swipe my card to gain access to the gym’s exercise equipment. I watch as the familiar name flashes on the computer monitors. The friendly staff smiles and nods to let me know that they are glad to see me. … Continue reading

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Time to relax

Relax? Until recently, “relax” has always been synonymous for “lazy” in my mind. I have always preferred to spend my time more constructively. I would try to relax, but I would find at least 500 things that have to be … Continue reading

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