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Not a mama

Being stuck on a family vacation right before going back to school is not my idea of a dream vacation, but it did serve as an excellent distraction from the doom that follows next week. Off to Disney World for three days … Continue reading

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My zombie car

My car finally has a new name … I am naming my car after a rheumatoid arthritis medication. Yes, I realize this is a bit weird, but look at who you are dealing with here. Let my little red car … Continue reading

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Sneezing rainbows

Without time to share detailed encounters of my trek across Florida, I will leave you with some of my fondest memories in color. I promise to fill in more once I have settled in my new home. Colors remind me of my … Continue reading

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Will work for food

Two more weeks … Knowing that I will be broke and unemployed in two weeks has made me the happiest woman alive. I am not sure why I did not do this sooner. What is the best way to celebrate … Continue reading

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Chinny chin hairs

I remember watching my grandmother pluck hairs from her chin when I was a young girl. I was horrified. Would this happen to me? Would I turn into a man? My grandmother laughed and shrugged, “it’s just part of getting … Continue reading

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Life in the slow lane

The September nights have faded, but the speeding ticket that was handed to me on that horrible Monday still lingers. It is amazing how much of my life has been determined by a stupid piece of paper. On the right … Continue reading

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Lane ends merge left

I am temporarily distracted as I drive down the highway of life. I crash through a road block. I fail to notice the many signs with “Wrong Way” written in big, bold letters. Do you ever wonder if you made … Continue reading

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