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Life is strange

I am an impulsive dreamer … The minute I create a goal I go after it with 100% drive and determination. As a result, I get burned out quickly and my interest fades away in the distance altering the original … Continue reading

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I just feel like being happy

Could it be the awesome warm weather or the vibrant colors starting to transform nature? Or, maybe it is my fantasies I keep having about fresh fruit and vegetables from the farmer’s market in only a couple months. Yay! I … Continue reading

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They are back!

Most people have experienced the nightmares where they think they are awake, but they go to move and find all body movement is frozen. They go to speak and their voice is gone. They try to breathe and feel like … Continue reading

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Lost in contemplation

I had a strange dream … I am standing at the end of a major highway. As I look behind me, images flash like bullets hitting my face. I feel fear in the presence of the memories that are darting through me, filling my … Continue reading

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Without words

I recently had an experience that was so intense that I am unable to describe it in words. Words could never give the experience … visually or spiritually … the justice that it deserves.

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Brainwashed by fairy tales

As children, we are spoon fed fairy tales. This world of fantasy and make-believe becomes our reality as we listen closely waiting to find out what happens to the lady in distress.

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Did I forget your order?

I would gladly wipe dirty butts and watch people bleed out of their eyeballs if it meant that I would never have to set foot in another restaurant where I am the waitress.

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