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The dating guru

I am thinking about taking on a part-time job or possibly even making a career change to a dating coach. I would be awesome in this particular role. Anyone wish to hire me? Now time for a quick Q & … Continue reading

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Beyond the horizon

It may be time to take my job search outside of Alabama. I am ready for new adventures! The question is where should I go next? I think I will start northwest and work my way down. I finally have … Continue reading

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Decisions, decisions, decisions

Life is full of decisions … life altering decisions. What makes us choose one choice over another? Do we think with our heart or our brains? And, if both are not involved, do we regret the result in the end? … Continue reading

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Switching jobs

I start a new job in the morning! Woohoo! Yes, this will be my 3rd recovery room to work in since I graduated. Will I stay or will I go? Ha! It seems the grass is always greener on the … Continue reading

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Landed a job!

Do you ever have so many changes occurring in your life that it is hard to find the right words to describe everything, so as a result you slack on updating your blog? Ha! That is where I stand at … Continue reading

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Lost in reality

Imagine waking up in a hospital room full of strangers with all sorts of tubes sticking out of you in various places. Would you be frightened? Would you be okay once you remembered how you got in this predicament in … Continue reading

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Mending my ways

I got a little lazy in my eating and exercise habits due to complete exhaustion from working 12-hour shifts. This does not make me a happy girl. I am vowing to everyone out there in cyber land that I WILL … Continue reading

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