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My soap box

Why do people like to regurgitate their lives to the public through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogs such as this, etc.? I often ask myself what sort of thrill I get out of airing my dirty laundry to the world? Why … Continue reading

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Throwing in the towel

It is a crying shame that men and women cannot be friends without someone getting hurt in the end. Ha! That could totally be a lyric to a song. I am throwing in the towel on yet another male-female friendship. … Continue reading

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So sick …

Let me die … Have you ever been so sick that you actually felt life would be more bearable in death? You think I am being a drama queen? Ha! Maybe just a little, but I am seriously experiencing some … Continue reading

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Big red “X”

It has come to my attention that there is a big red “X” on my forehead that everyone else can see but me. For the last few weeks, my nights at work are ending quite strangely with psychotic patients. Let’s … Continue reading

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Imaginary friends?

I never persecute anyone for their religious beliefs, so why is it that time and time again people feel it is their right to tell me what I should believe? I am frustrated that my coworkers feel it is okay … Continue reading

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I want sleep

Life is really not worth living if you go through it feeling like a zombie all day of every day. I am tired of being exhausted. Please, please, please … will someone let me sleep???

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Comfortably numb

For more than 5 years, I honestly did not feel much emotion beyond annoyance and occasional anger. Happiness became a foreign concept. Why?  I am very skilled at the art of emotional blocking. It became a talent I utilized readily … Continue reading

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