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What is it about zombies?

Zombies are making a big splash in the entertainment business. From books and movies to action figures and video games … zombies are everywhere … but why? What is it about zombies that makes them so fascinating to people? I … Continue reading

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Ready for the zombie apocalypse?

If I were one of the “elect” few, today would be my last day on Earth. Fortunately, I was a rebel and stayed away from brainwashing. Instead, I am left to fight the zombie horde with the rest of the … Continue reading

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Not right cinema

This sounds awesome! I actually thought it was a joke until I found it on IMDB. Looks like a perfect mix of bad B movie and zombies. You can never go wrong with that. I can’t wait to download it!

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They are back!

Most people have experienced the nightmares where they think they are awake, but they go to move and find all body movement is frozen. They go to speak and their voice is gone. They try to breathe and feel like … Continue reading

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Zombie weddings

Are you looking for a unique theme for an upcoming wedding? Your search is over! If death is the end of life, then how do you explain marriage? There is way too much emphasis on getting married. Considering that more … Continue reading

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Reviews of bad cinema?

I was thinking about adding a new feature to my blog that might actually encourage me to write on it more often. Would anyone actually read a weekly review on a bad B movie? I love to watch movies of … Continue reading

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Why I love Troma

Since my brain does not come with an off switch, I have found a close alternative. It is called Troma! What makes them different from mainstream horror? Troma Entertainment is a low-budget, independent film production company specializing in making bad … Continue reading

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