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Zombie Walk 2012

Hello Huntsville! Celebrate Halloween by dressing up like a zombie and parading around with like-minded peeps. It is for a good cause!

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Help me brainstorm …

I am brainstorming short movie ideas! I started combing the web and searching through the deep dark depths of my mind to come up with creative plots for easy to produce low-budget films. However, I thought that I would extend … Continue reading

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A zombie kind of day

Think outside of the box as you browse the stores for something sweet to give to your lover on Valentine’s Day. Nothing says “I love you” more than a little zombie fun. Check out some of these creative ways to … Continue reading

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Racing with zombies

zombies + running = awesome I have a new motivation for running! If running to save boobies is not enough … this time, I get to run from zombies. What a great way to combine all my favorites into one … Continue reading

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Turning zombie …

With all the Halloween shops opening around town, I can’t help but run around with glee. Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday and the best time of the year, but this year it will be extra special with the addition … Continue reading

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Turning zombie??

I had a weird dream last night. Rather than to recap the entire dream, I will give you the central theme … organ transplants. Maybe I am watching too many zombie/horror movies … The thing about organ transplants that gets … Continue reading

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Intermission takes a strange turn

This short little flick looks like it is about to promote the concession stand at a drive-in movie. Looks can be deceiving … especially if you dropped a few hits of acid right before animating. Wow! MK12 | Follow the … Continue reading

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