Switching teams

Baseball_Cheerleaders_6It is official. I am switching teams! I am now batting for the ladies!

Seriously, I wish it was as easy as picking up a new jersey and picking out a cute team name, but unfortunately, I am wired with an attraction to men. It might be better to sit on the bench for a season or 2.

Dating is a tough game … Continue reading

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It’s true


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The brain drain

Who sucked the life out of me?

After a long day with people, my brain turns to mush … I am completely zapped of energy. It always amuses me when I hear another person say that she is energized by other people. This is not the case with me lately. It seems like the more I am around people, the more I wish to be alone and remove myself from all contact.

I often have good intentions and make plans to be with others. However, I find myself making excuses at the last minute to avoid human contact. What is wrong with me? Am I turning into a recluse? I really hope this is seasonal blues making me want to run and hide from all the life around me. Otherwise, I picked the absolute WRONG profession, because people are EVERYWHERE in a hospital!

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This one is for the boys

Men are too simple.

It is for that reason alone that I don’t understand them. I get a headache trying to figure them out. I am tired of trying to decipher simplicity only to be left with complication.

It amuses me to no end when a man says he doesn’t get women because we are too complicated. The irony in that statement only brings me back to my original point … men are too simple.

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The lawnmower

The soft hum of a lawn mower buzzes in my head reminding me that I will never be completely alone. The need, the desire … to escape … suffocation.

Where can I go to fully experience nothingness? No thoughts, no sounds, no feelings, no emotions … is it possible to ever be completely alone in this world polluted by humans? What can I do to not have thought possess me at every moment of existence?

Why must I be haunted by my own negative existence?

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Human in training

20130822-180501.jpgWhat exactly is the proper classification for children? Are they creatures? Monsters? What would you call these miniature little people if they are not quite human?

Most of the time these impressionable young minds are innocent and free from life’s tragedies. Why do we want to turn these little people into full-blown humans anyway? It is time to stop the cycle. Do not allow human training to take place. Keep these creatures young and free from sin forever and ever!


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Confessions of a Slacker

Is it time to update the name of my blog to reflect the real ME?

slackerMeet Jennifer … insomniac AND slacker. Jennifer often forgets that she has a blog. She would love to blame it on insomnia, but the real truth is that Jennifer is a SLACKER!

While Jennifer sits at home staring at a wall, she often thinks about her beloved readers and how disappointed they must feel that she leaves her blog unattended for extended periods of time. During this “thinking” time, Jennifer creates elaborate ideas for blog entries and stories that she would love to tell her readers. She also makes it a point to refer to herself only in the third person to allow her guilt to not fully set in.

Dear readers, please forgive me for my slacker ways. I vow to update my blog more regularly starting today!

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